torsdag 8 mars 2007

... och Oceanien har alltid varit i krig med Eurasien

Enligt försvarsminister Mikael Odenberg så är den nya lagen som ska ge FRA ökade möjligheter till avlyssning
ett viktigt steg för att förbättra den enskildes personliga integritet

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yeslove sa...

The second concept that forms the basis of naval intelligence is something called the ‘Secret of Wu Tui’. In a sense it is a simple test in logic. Somewhere around the birth of Christ, some think the year four, a secret message went from the Emperor of China, Wu Tui, to the Emperor of Rome, Caesar. The test of logic is…, what is this secret? If logic states that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’, what is the most exquisite secret that could be proposed? Simple, “Let us pretend to be enemies, but be very secret friends at top, with this only we, secretly, will know everything.”

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